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LST 388

A World War II Journal

ISBN:  978-1-7321664-0-0


Through his journal entries, von der Osten takes us with him to war, from his training days in the newly created amphibious force, to practice beachings on the Chesapeake Bay; from the ports of North Africa and the United Kingdom, to the hostile shores of Sicily, Salerno, and Normandy. All the while serving as a radioman aboard this new kind of ship, the landing ship, tank (LST).

August 27, 1942 – I learned today that I am headed for Norfolk and the amphibious force. No one seems to know just what the amphibious force is

--from the journals of Robert von der Osten

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So Much More Than A Journal!

I learned of this book while researching my Dad’s naval experience, including his time on the LST-388. He was never able to discuss his time in the Navy, so the book was such a huge blessing in helping me understand my father through his experiences on the LST-388. The book is so well written that I experienced the voyage with both of them! You don’t need to be a history or military fan to enjoy this is a tale of an exceptional man in extraordinary circumstances. - Jennifer Sager

True life story of one of many WWII heroes

Outstanding account of a young sailor's life aboard ship during WWII. His prewar and post-war life was very interesting, also. This would be an excellent book for Naval Academy midshipmen as well as high school ROTC students and anyone interested in the Navy's role in WWII. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

- James C, USN retired

Great book, any military historian would love the perspective.

Great book and historical profile of the writer and his time with the Navy aboard a great experiment

that changed the course of the war and how military forces are deployed.


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