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DDay June 6, 1944

Map showing the path of the USS LST-388 to Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.
DDay June 6, 1944. Path of the USS LST-388 to Omaha Beach.

This map shows the USS LST-388's path to Omaha Beach 74 years ago today. Here is what Robert von der Osten had to say about the troops aboard his ship:

"In our compartment, there are four empty bunks, so four soldiers have been assigned to them. We have 500 men on board. Besides the 187th, we have Headquarters Companies B and C and a medics unit. They are all swell fellows, and the soldiers are well versed in the detailed plans for the invasion. All of us are becoming quite friendly. The troops sure are in good spirits. "

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Barbara von der Osten
Barbara von der Osten

Hi Thomas. Thank you for writing! I would love to have a copy of that news bulletin. My dad always did his best to keep everyone on board the LST-388 informed about what was going on. Can you email a copy to me? If so, please send to If you need to mail it, let me know and I will send you my address. Thanks again!



My father Stanley Hanson was a member of the medical team that came aboard LST388 in mid-May 1944 while your dad was the radioman. On the evening of June 6th, as they waited to land on June 7th, a news bulletin was posted on LST 388 updating everyone on the invasion.. it contained the BBC version of the invasion, and the GPZ (German Press Agency). Your father mentioned in his book that he enjoyed being able to see the incoming information as it was received. He may have been the one that typed this memo up and posted it around the ship. I found it in my father's war momentos. I can send you a copy of it. …

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